Monday, April 27, 2020

Trump is another Jim Jones

Why people stick with Trump and Fox News

"Why are Trump supporters so devoted? The simple answer is that they are members of a death cult. Call it the #TrumpDeathCult. Beyond that simple answer, there’s this: When your identity rests on Trump and his party being right, to admit that they are wrong—or worse, that they don't even give a rat's ass about you and yours—requires rethinking everything you are. I guess for some people, dying is easier."

Yes, folks, some people are actually drinking disinfectants because our president said that these might be cures for COVID-19.  These so-called cures are even more likely than COVID to kill people.

I'm old enough to have seen this before--over 40 years ago, the cult created by Jim Jones ended in mass suicide.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

who has actually ingested disinfectants? The only reported case of any of this is a couple that ingested fish tank cleaner that contained chloroquine. Trump didn't say "ingest fish tank cleaner" he said a pharmaceutical product (chloroquine) shows promise. He was wrong, but that's a separate issue. And the couple that ingested the fish tank cleaner (he died, she went to the ICU) is now being investigated as a homicide. (Also, they both hated trump.)

Nobody has injected or ingested bleach or any other disinfectant. Don't let the facts get in the way of your hatred. (I can't stand Trump, but I also think that amplifying lies simply feeds into his base.)

Wed Apr 29, 10:20:00 AM 2020  

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